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Travel to Almere

Almere has great accessibilty through different ways of transportation.

By airplane

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the closest international airport nearby Almere. From Amsterdam Airport Schiphol it takes about 30 minutes by train and car to arrive in Almere.

By car

The A6 motorway is the fastest way to enter Almere by car and is connected to the A1, A7 and A27 motorways. The A6 runs straight through Almere. Most neighbourhoods within Almere are well connected with the A6 through the ring road (N702) or smaller roads such as the N701, S102, S103, S104, S105 or N305.

By train

The NS operates most train routes within the Netherlands, including the routes to/from Almere. Almere is well connected with direct routes to Amsterdam, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Utrecht, Lelystad, Zwolle and Groningen. Almere has currently six train stations:

  • Almere Poort – Sprinter
  • Almere Muziekwijk – Sprinter, P+R
  • Almere Centrum – Intercity, Sprinter, P+R
  • Almere Parkwijk – Sprinter, P+R
  • Almere Buiten – Intercity, Sprinter, P+R
  • Almere Oostvaarders – Sprinter, P+R

The quickest way to arrive in Almere is by entering the NS Intercity train which only stops at the stations of Almere Centrum and Almere Buiten. The NS Sprinter trains stops at all the stations in Almere. Every station is connected to a bus stop in case you would like to continue your trip by public transportation. Most stations are included with a Park and Ride (P+R) facility for pick-up by car as well.

For scheduling and pricing, visit the NS or 9292 website.

By bus (regional)

Some regional bus lines are available and are operated by R-net. The R-net busses are colored red/grey and are different then the local busses in Almere. The following routes are currently available:

  • Line 322: Almere Parkwijk – Amsterdam Amstel
  • Line 323: Almere Parkwijk – Amsterdam Zuidoost
  • Line 326: Almere – Blaricum Carpoolplaats
  • Line 327: Almere Haven – Amsterdam Amstel
  • Line 328: Almere Haven – Amsterdam Zuidoost

Visit 9292 for scheduling and pricing.

By bike

More than 500 km of cycling paths are available in Almere. Most of the cycling paths are made from good quality tarmac, the paths are seperated from other types of traffic and bridges and tunnels support the routes for a safe ride. The main cycle paths are sign posted with numbers which makes planning your route easier. Plan your route by visiting the Fietsersbond route planner.