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Travel in Almere

Almere has various ways to get around.

By car
Almere has a great road infrastructure and most addresses are accesible by car. When driving longer distances in Almere, you will usually drive on the ring road (N702) or the A6 to your end destination. Bigger and important destinations in Almere are well sign posted to help you navigate around. Parking is widely available in Almere However, there are areas that are blue zones (parking is free for a limited time) or paid zones that you need to be aware of. There are currently two blue zones and paid parking zones in Almere:

  • Nearby the shopping area of Almere Stad Centrum;
  • Nearby the shopping area of Almere Buiten.

Blue zones

Blue zones are marked by signs on the street and the entry of the parking bay is marked with a blue line. You park for free in a blue zone for only a limited time. You must use your parking disc by putting the disc in the windscreen of your car. Also do not forget to mark your arrival time on your parking disc before leaving. The maximum time varies per area and therefore check the signs very carefully. You risk a parking fine when you exceed the maximum parking time. Find below the exact blue zone locations:

Paid parking zones

Paid zones are marked by signs and paid parking is possible on-street or in a parking garage. When approaching a paid parking zone, parking garages are sign posted with their direction and parking space availability. Parking prices vary per location. However, in general terms it’s cheaper to park up in a parking garage and by paying by debit/credit card. Find below more information on the exact paid parking zones, parking garages and paid parking hours:

  • Almere Stad Centrum paid parking zones and parking garages: map
    • Paid parking times:
      • Monday till Saturday: 07.00-24.00
      • Sunday: 12:00-24:00
  • Almere Buiten paid parking zones and parking garages: map
    • Paid parking times:
      • Monday till Saturday: 08.00-22.00
      • Sunday: 12:00-17:00

Find more information on parking on the official city parking website (Dutch only).

Charging points

For electric cars there over 750+ charging points available in Almere. Find your charging point here.

By train

Almere currently has six train stations and all six are connected with eachother. Hop on the NS Sprinter to travel between the stations in Almere. Every station is connected to a bus stop in case you would like to continue your trip by public transportation. Most stations are included with a Park and Ride (P+R) facility for pick-up by car as well. The train stations in Almere are as following:

  • Almere Poort
  • Almere Muziekwijk
  • Almere Centrum
  • Almere Parkwijk
  • Almere Buiten
  • Almere Oostvaarders

For scheduling and pricing, visit the NS or 9292 website.

By bus

The bus service in Almere is great and it’s the way to go to get around fast. The bus service is operated by Keolis using the name AllGo. Keolis operates about 20 bus lines and covers most of Almere. Keolis provides a high frequency service on popular service lines and during peak hours.

For scheduling and pricing, visit the AllGo or 9292 website.

By bike

Travelling by bike is another fast way to get around. Almere has separate cycling paths, which are very safe to use. More than 500 km of cycling paths are available in Almere. The main cycle paths are sign posted with numbers which makes planning your route easier. Plan your route by visiting the Fietsersbond route planner. There are many unmanned parking spots for your bike available. If you prefer manned parking spots, find here more information (Dutch only).